Once you have found spyware on your computer, removal should be your next goal. Find out how right away.

Spyware Removal

Spyware infections can be rather intimidating to repair. If you don't feel comfortable handling this on your own, consult a professional or ask someone experienced in spyware removal to assist you.

Before you proceed, be sure to back up everything on your computer. Even though the backup will be infected, you will be able to retain any files and data you do not wish to delete.

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Removal Software

The best spyware removal software can be found at There are several tools on a maintained list that is kept up to date. Instructions and recommendations are available for each. From spyware to viruses, adware, trojans and any kind of malware, all of the problems and log analysis is at this site.

If you are having problems with popups, may be able to help. To find out how to block popups, visit this site for more information.